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Sump Pump Basin

A sump pump basin is a receptacle that houses a sump pump. It performs the task of channeling the water towards the sump pump more effectively so that it can be drained away to an appropriate place away from the home’s basement, which is where most sump pumps are utilized.



These sump pump basins are dug into the ground or the home’s foundation, and the sump pump is placed inside it. The depth to which they are dug is typically not more than two feet below the level of the basement surface of the house. Also, a sump pump basin will normally have perforations all around them, which allow the water to flow into them, so that the water can then be funneled out most effectively.

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 sump pump pit

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There are many different names for sump pump basins. Some manufacturers call it a sump pump tank or sump liner as well. Another popular name for these devices is sump pump pit. Also, HDPE sump basin is a popular name, which an abbreviation for the high-density polyethylene material comprising the basin.

These basins usually have airtight covers around on their top so that they do not allow air inside, which would harbor the growth of algae and other unwanted microorganisms.

Sump Pump Basins – Installation Considerations

There are some points that must be kept in mind when installing sump pump basins. 

 sump pump basins

 sump pump basin

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  • The airtight lid is important to consider. This lid does not just keep the air away from the water, thus keeping the basement environment healthier, but it also reduces noise, reduces the humidity in the basement and prevents accidents from people or objects falling into the sump pump. This also helps keep radon gas from soil entering your home.
  • It is very important to check the insulation of the cords that provide electricity to the sump pump. If there is even a slight problem, there is a danger of an electrical fire or an electrocution. Battery-operated sump pumps are decidedly safer.
  • Sump pump basins must contain holes that are directed inwards into the basin. These holes will help the water to be removed from the basement in case there is any seepage in there and will also help to reduce the amount of soil that enters along with the water. If a lot of soil enters into the basin, it can cause the foundation to become weaker.

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sump pump basins

  • For this very reason, it is vital not to sink the sump pump basin to more than two feet below the basement level. Deeper than this, the foundation’s main influential zone begins and there is a greater possibility of soil flowing into the sump pump through the holes.  



When buying a sump pump basin online, you need to do the research necessary to find one that fits your particular needs, while giving you the safety, convenience and monetary savings. We specifically discuss a few sump pump-related options on the market, including those from Wayne, Flotec and Zoeller.

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